Let’s look at the UK government’s Workplace Charging Scheme grant, an initiative that aims to increase the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in workplaces.  This EV charger grant can help Scottish businesses, charities, public sector organisations, and small accommodation providers that are looking to integrate sustainable practices into their operations.

Overview of the Workplace Charging Scheme

The workplace charging scheme grant supports the installation of up to 40 EV chargepoint sockets at each eligible site, covering a substantial portion of the costs.  Organisations can receive up to 75% funding for both the purchase and installation of these chargepoints, including VAT.

This is capped at a maximum of £350 per socket and up to forty sockets across all sites per applicant.

OZEV approved EV charge point installer logo.
OLEV Installer number: EVHS1904
WCS Installer number: WCS 1904

Eligibility for a Workplace Charging Scheme grant

To be eligible, your organisation must either own the property or have the landlord’s permission to install the EV charging points.  It is essential for the site to have dedicated off-road parking associated with the premises.

Before applying, the site should be surveyed by an authorised installer to ensure suitability.  Ideal Electrical Solutions is proud to be an OZEV/OLEV authorised EV charger installer.  Our OLEV installer number is EVHS1904 and our WCS installer number is WCS 1904).  You can find other authorised installers but partnering with us ensures compliance and quality.

For those working from home, if the property serves as your primary place of work and meets specific criteria such as being listed with Companies House or recorded on a business rate bill, you can also apply.  The chargepoints must be dual-use (suitable for both residential and commercial purposes) and installed by an authorised installer.

Additional guidelines for employers and public access for your workplace chargpoint

Employers can extend this facility to employee residences if the primary workplace cannot accommodate a chargepoint.  This supports staff who have company vehicles but cannot charge at work.  Businesses must ensure the chargepoints are primarily for staff or fleet use.  Public authorities and charities can allow broader access.

Any public access, however, must comply with the Public Chargepoint Regulations of 2023.

Financial considerations for your workplace EV chargepoints

Participants in this grant scheme can receive a total of up to £315,000 in financial assistance over three fiscal years, which encompasses various forms of government funding and incentives (for example you may have received funding from Scottish Enterprise or support from Business Gateway).

It is vital to ensure these limits are not exceeded to maintain eligibility.



Multiple EV charging points installed at this workplace.

Applying and installing for your EV charger points – and claiming your grant

To apply, businesses should fill out the WCS application form and submit it via email.  If approved, a voucher code will be issued, valid for 180 days, to cover the costs of installation, which must also be completed within this period.

Ideal Electrical will not charge you before they have received the payment from the government scheme, this cost will be deducted from the final invoice.

If the installation cannot be completed within the allotted 180 days, or if only part of it is finished by the time your voucher expires, you will need to contact the DVLA at workplacechargingscheme@dvla.gov.uk to cancel your current application and request a new voucher.  Please remember that vouchers cannot be transferred to another party.

Should some of the chargepoints covered by your voucher be installed by the expiry date while others are not, your installer should claim for the completed installations.  You can then apply for a new voucher to cover the remaining chargepoints.  Note that any installations carried out before the issuance of the new voucher will not qualify under the new application.

Required documentation

Applicants must provide specific documents like a Companies House reference, VAT registration number, or a business rate bill.  For entities like charities and NHS facilities, alternative documentation related to their regulatory bodies may be accepted.

Next Steps – choose Ideal Electrical Solutions as your EV installer

Choosing Ideal Electrical Solutions as your Edinburgh-based installer guarantees that the installation will adhere to all governmental guidelines and technical standards.  We ensure a smooth and compliant installation process from start to finish, facilitating your organisation’s transition to a more sustainable future with electric vehicles.

For more details on our services and how we can assist your organisation in utilising the Workplace Charging Scheme grant, please complete the enquiry form here or give us a call on 0131 258 2750.

Join us in driving towards a greener future in Scotland.