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Emergency Light Testing, Inspections & Certificates in Edinburgh

Emergency Lighting Testing should be carried out at least once a year or in cases monthly, if your property or business has emergency lighting.

Emergency exit light undergoing an inspection, test and certification.

Emergency Light Testing for Building Safety

You need to ensure that persons within the building can get out safely, in the event of a power outage.

The emergency light fitting must stay illuminated for a specified time before cutting out.

Why are emergency lights provided?

Emergency lighting is a safety measure that provides illumination in buildings when the main power supply is cut off. It’s especially crucial in public buildings and workplaces where people might need to evacuate quickly in the case of an emergency, such as a fire or a power failure.

These lighting systems are battery-backed, meaning they have a source of power separate from the main electrical supply. They are designed to automatically come on when the main power supply fails, ensuring that exit routes are clearly visible.

Emergency lighting generally includes exit signs and pathway lighting that guides occupants to the safest escape route. By illuminating stairwells, hallways, and exit doors, it helps to prevent panic and confusion during an evacuation, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

There are two main types of emergency lighting:

  • Emergency Escape Lighting

    This is part of the overall emergency lighting and provides the illumination needed for the safety of people leaving a location or attempting to terminate a potentially dangerous process beforehand.

  • Emergency Standby Lighting

    This type of emergency lighting enables normal activities to continue almost unaffected. Unlike emergency escape lighting, it’s not a legal requirement but may be installed in areas where it’s essential not to halt operations suddenly.

Emergency escape lighting signage.
Emergency lights are subject to strict testing standards (including BS 5266).

What is the legal requirement for emergency light testing?

In many cases, emergency lighting systems are subject to strict regulations and standards (including BS 5266), requiring periodic inspections and testing to ensure they function correctly when needed.

How often should emergency lighting be tested?

IES usually recommend that weekly and monthly functional tests to be carried out by the owners or tenants of the property, with a 6-month and 12-monthly test being carried out and documented by SELECT certified electricians.

Emergency Lighting

Our Emergency Light Service

At Ideal Electrical Solutions (UK) Ltd, we specialise in emergency light testing in Edinburgh, providing a full range of services to businesses, homeowners, HMO properties, Airbnb properties, commercial properties, churches, and letting agents.

Our emergency light testing procedure:

Emergency light repairs in Edinburgh for homeowners, landlords & letting agents.

Emergency Lighting Testing

Our thorough emergency light testing in Edinburgh will ensure that all your lighting components are fully operational and compliant with legal requirements. We will come out to your property depending on size and offer you a free quote for the required duration of test required, for smaller rental properties we have a fixed fee structure available.

Emergency Light Repairs

If any issues are discovered during the EM test, our skilled electricians can carry out the necessary repairs efficiently. At times your lights may be too old to get replacement parts, when this is the case we will issue you a quote to replace the light in question, sometimes you may be most cost effective to replace the entire system at the same time as the batteries installed will all start to become faulty around the same time.

Emergency Lighting Certificates

We provide detailed electronic emergency lighting certificates, validating the integrity of your emergency lighting system. These certificates will be issued on the same day as the works have been carried out along with a quote (if required) to bring your property up to the minimum legal standard.

Fixed Pricing & Free Quotes

At Ideal Electrical Solutions (UK) Ltd, we offer fixed prices prior to arrival and free quote services, guaranteeing transparency and no hidden fees. Give us a call on 0131 258 2750 and one of our office team can guide you through the quote process.

Easy Booking

Our electronic booking system makes scheduling an emergency test in Edinburgh effortless, we will also add your test to our system for automatic reminders ensuring you won’t forget about your test renewal date.

Why Choose Ideal Electrical as your supplier?

Our approved electricians are fully insured and proud members of SELECT, ensuring quality and adherence to industry standards with continuous auditing and training though our governing body. We will help you ensure the safety and functionality of your emergency lighting system.

As a fully insured member of SELECT, we strive to provide emergency lighting solutions that cater to various property types across Edinburgh – ranging from HMOs, offices, commercial buildings, public buildings and schools all the way through to communal and tenement stair lighting.

Emergency lighting pointing towards the exit.
Coughtrie lights are approved by Edinburgh Council for tenements & stairways.

The Importance of a Valid Emergency Lighting Test

Emergency lighting is vital for guiding occupants safely out of a building in case of a power failure or other emergencies. Regular testing ensures that:

  • The lights function effectively during a power cut.
  • The battery backup systems are operational.
  • All exit signs and pathways are adequately illuminated.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards is maintained.

The law mandates regular emergency lighting tests, depending on the system’s complexity and the nature of the premises. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to legal penalties.

Ideal Electrical Solutions (UK) can offer a full solution from having your lights tested to installing new lights which meet regulations and British Standards.

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