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Are you looking for electric heating for your home, business or rental property in Edinburgh?  Ideal specialise in installing high heat retention storage heaters, panel heaters, electric radiators, and underfloor electric heating.  Let’s find the perfect heating for your home.

Ideal install modern electric heating systems in Edinburgh homes and flats.

Electric heating installation

As the demand for efficient and environmentally friendly electric heating systems grows, more homeowners are turning to electric options for their reliability and ease of installation.  Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current heating system or install a new one, our local electric heating installers in Edinburgh are here to help you plan your installation.

What is the cost to install an electric heating system?  The cost can vary depending on what type of system you choose, in the sections below we will provide detailed information on what’s involved with each installation.

Modern Dimplex electric storage heaters installed to keep this home warm.

High heat retention storage heaters

Installing storage heaters is an economical heating option and means you can take advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs.  Storage heaters work by storing heat during the night, when electricity is cheaper, and releasing it throughout the day.

Modern storage heaters like the Quantum’s are highly efficient and come with features like programmable timers and thermostats, which helps you control the temperature and usage.  Ideal for homes with fluctuating heating demands, storage heaters provide a cost-effective and reliable way to keep your space warm.

Information for landlords:  The Dimplex Quantum also meets the new ‘repairing standard‘ for rented properties in Scotland, so you can comply with the latest regulations and provide efficient heating solutions for your tenants.


Dimplex Quantum installation

Dimplex is one of the leading electric heating manufacturers in the UK, known for its energy efficiency and advanced technology.  The Dimplex Quantum system is a great option for homeowners, landlord or businesses in Edinburgh and offers several key benefits:

  1. Dimplex Quantum storage heaters are specially classified as a ‘high heat retention’ storage heater which features smart controls that take exactly the correct amount of charge.  Additionally the Quantum has a highly insulated core to store the heat for longer and has a fan to extract the heat more evenly.
  2. It uses off-peak electricity to charge, and releases heat as needed to provide consistent and comfortable heat throughout your home – which can reduce your energy costs.
  3. All Quantum’s include a digitally controlled, electronic thermostat and 7 day programmable user timer.
  4. The smart controls and programmable settings allow you to customise your heating schedule to fit your lifestyle.


… by expert Dimplex Quantum installers

Our Edinburgh-based engineers are ready to help you transition to a state-of-the-art Dimplex heating system in your home.  Installation is usually fairly straightforward and involves replacing existing storage heaters or setting up new units in your home.

Our expert installers will ensure a straightforward installation with minimal disruption to you – we will handle everything from removing old units to wiring and setting up your new Dimplex Quantum heaters.


Dimplex Quantum storage heaters: Key information

How long do storage heaters take to heat up?  Storage heaters, including the Dimplex Quantum range,  typically take several hours to fully charge.  The exact time can vary based on the model and settings, but they are designed to charge during off-peak electricity hours, usually overnight.

What is electric storage heating?  Electric storage heating uses off-peak electricity to heat thermal bricks inside the heater.  This stored heat is then gradually released throughout the day,  providing a consistent and efficient heating.  The Dimplex Quantum is a modern example, utilising advanced technology for optimal energy use and control.

Are storage heaters the same as central heating?  Storage heaters are not central heating systems in the traditional sense, which usually involve a central boiler and radiators connected by a network of pipes.  However, they can be strategically placed throughout a home to provide uniform and comfortable warmth, functioning effectively as a decentralised heating system.

Dimplex Quantum storage heaters installed in hallway.

Electric radiators

Electric radiators combine the benefits of traditional radiators with the efficiency of modern electric heating technology.  They are filled with a thermodynamic fluid that heats up when electricity passes through, providing consistent and even heat distribution.

Wall mounted electric radiators are available in a variety of designs and sizes, making them suitable for different rooms and aesthetic preferences.  With features such as programmable timers, thermostatic controls, and energy-saving modes, electric radiators offer a practical and efficient heating solution for any home.

Setting up Smart electric radiators

Smart electric radiators take heating to the next level using technology that allows you to control your heating system remotely.  These radiators can be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing you to manage the temperature, set schedules, and monitor energy usage through a smartphone app.  This level of control helps optimise energy consumption, providing both comfort and cost savings.

Lovely white electric panel radiators might be ideal for your electric heating.

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Feel the warmth with a nice new electric panel heater.

Wi-Fi electric radiators

Wi-Fi electric radiators are designed for ultimate convenience and efficiency.  By connecting to your home’s wireless network, these radiators allow you to adjust heating settings from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.  They often come with advanced features such as voice control compatibility with smart home assistants, customisable heating schedules, and real-time energy consumption monitoring.

Oil filled electric radiators

Oil-filled electric radiators are a popular choice for their ability to retain heat long after the power is turned off.  These radiators contain a special oil that is heated by an electric element, which then circulates to provide consistent warmth.

They are known for their silent operation and are often equipped with adjustable thermostats, programmable timers, and multiple heat settings, making them an energy-efficient and versatile heating option for any room.

Installing panel heaters

Panel heaters are a versatile and stylish option for electric heating.  Slim and lightweight, these heaters can be mounted on walls or used as free-standing units, making them suitable for any room.

They heat up quickly and provide an even distribution of warmth, ensuring a comfortable environment.  With options for digital controls and programmable settings, panel heaters offer convenience and flexibility.  They are perfect for spaces that require rapid heating and are a great addition to modern interiors.


Warm your toes with electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating is a luxurious and efficient way to heat your home.  This system involves installing heating cables or mats beneath the flooring, providing gentle and consistent warmth from the ground up.

Electric underfloor heating is suitable for a variety of floor types, including tile, laminate, and carpet.  It eliminates the need for radiators, freeing up wall space and creating a clean, uncluttered look.

This heating option is particularly popular in bathrooms and kitchens, where it can provide added comfort and warmth underfoot.  With the ability to control the temperature in individual rooms, electric underfloor heating offers both efficiency and luxury.

How to install electric underfloor heating in a bathroom?

Installing undefloor heating involves several steps to ensure a safe and efficient system:

  1. Start by preparing the sub floor, ensuring it is clean, dry, and level.
  2. Install insulation boards cut to fit the bathroom layout, securing them with flexible tile adhesive and allowing it to dry completely.
  3. Next, lay out the heating mat or cable, ensuring no overlap or contact between the elements, and secure it in place.  Install the floor sensor between the heating elements for accurate temperature readings and route the sensor wire back to the thermostat location.
  4. After the floor is laid, connect and program the thermostat, ensuring it responds correctly to temperature adjustments.
  5. Finally, carry out a series of tests including continuity, resistance, insulation resistance, temperature, thermostat functionality, and full system operation to confirm the installation is successful and the system operates efficiently.
Electric underfloor heating is great for tile, laminate, and carpeted floors.

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