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Smoke Alarm Installation in Edinburgh

Are you based in the Edinburgh area and looking a local smoke alarm installer?  Ideal Electrical install Aico smoke alarms that fully meet the new Scottish guidance and we’re highly rated on the Edinburgh Trusted Trader scheme.

Smoke Alarms and heat detectors installed in Edinburgh.
Positioning smoke & smoke detectors for fire safety in a typical rented property.

Smoke alarms for rental properties and HMOs

When it comes to the safety of your property, whether it’s a rental unit or your own home, installing smoke alarms and heat detectors is not just a smart decision – it’s a legal requirement in Scotland.

If you’re a landlord, it’s vital to adhere to the latest Scottish regulations, ensuring that your tenants’ safety is never compromised.  Under the new regulations you are required to have interlinked smoke alarms installed in any hall way, living room and a heat detector installed in your kitchen.

After completion IES will provide you with the required installation certificate (called a “fire detection and alarm system installation certificate”).

Smoke alarms for homeowners

Have you still not protected your family by installing a smoke alarm system that complies with the new 2022 regulations?  Let us know if you are an Edinburgh homeowner and would like help to install new smoke alarms that comply with the new Scottish guidance.

An IES quality interlinked smoke alarm.

Hard wired smoke alarms versus battery operated smoke alarms

Both hard-wired interlinked alarms and battery interlinked alarms function as part of an interconnected system, where if one alarm is triggered, all the alarms in the network sound.  However, there are distinct differences between the two:

Battery Interlinked Alarms

Power Source: These alarms rely solely on batteries for power, whether standard replaceable batteries or long-life sealed batteries.

Installation: Battery interlinked alarms are easier and less invasive to install, making them ideal for properties where running new wiring would be impractical or costly.

Reliability: While the technology has improved greatly, the reliance on batteries means there is a risk of failure if the batteries are not replaced or maintained properly.

Maintenance: Regular battery checks and replacements are essential to keep the system operational.

Cost: Typically, battery interlinked alarms are less expensive to purchase and install but may have ongoing costs related to battery replacement.

Hard-Wired Interlinked Alarms

Power Source: Hard-wired interlinked alarms are connected to a property’s electrical system.  They usually have a battery backup to ensure operation during power outages.

Installation: The installation of hard-wired alarms requires professional electricians, as it involves running wiring between the devices and connecting them to the building’s electrical system.

Reliability: Because they’re connected to a continuous power supply, hard-wired alarms are often considered more reliable.

Maintenance: While they often require less frequent battery replacement thanks to the battery backup, hard-wired systems may need periodic inspection of wiring and other components.

Cost: Generally, hard-wired interlinked alarms are more expensive to purchase and install, but may be more cost-effective in the long run.

Which is right for you – hard-wired or battery operated?

Hard-wired interlinked alarms offer a robust and reliable solution, often preferred in new constructions or major renovations, while battery interlinked alarms provide flexibility and easier installation, particularly in older buildings or places where wiring would be challenging.

Why choose Ideal Electrical as your heat detector and smoke alarm installer?

What We Offer:

Guidance & Planning: Our full office team can guide you on the type and number of smoke alarms and heat detectors required for your property, as well as their optimal placement.

Quality Products: We recommend products that comply with the Scottish government’s guidelines.

Professional Installation by Licensed Electricians: Our experienced electricians will handle the smoke alarm installation, guaranteeing work that’s up to standard.

Certification: Upon completion, our electricians provide the necessary certification, showing that your property complies with the law.

IES are certified by Aico as 'Expert Installers' of smoke alarm and CO alarms.

Contact us and get your smoke alarms sorted!

Ready to install or upgrade your smoke alarms and heat detectors? Contact Ideal Electrical today and let our team guide you through every step of the process.

With Ideal Electrical Solutions (UK) Ltd, your safety is our priority.


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