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Commercial Lighting Installations

Ideal Electrical Solutions carry out commercial lighting installations and repairs in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.  With years of experience, we specialise in delivering all aspects of commercial lighting solutions that illuminate your business space effectively and efficiently.

Commercial lighting installations & repairs for offices, retail and warehouses.

Commercial lighting installers in Edinburgh

We deliver commercial lighting installations across Edinburgh.  Our approach is straightforward and we focus on what matters to our clients.

Our Edinburgh based office team and electricians bring knowledge and hands-on experience to every project, which allows us to ensure that every lighting installation is completed to a high standard.  We recognise that no two businesses are the same, and it’s this understanding that drives us to provide customised lighting solutions.  By focusing on both functionality and aesthetics, we aim to create environments that not only look great but also work efficiently.

We have a growing emphasis on reducing energy consumption and we are committed to offering energy-efficient lighting options that help lower utility bills and also contribute to sustainability goals.

If you’re feeling a bit unsure about the state of your electrical wiring and hesitant to go ahead with installing new lights, why not book an EICR test with us.  We will take a close look and let you know exactly what’s going on with your wiring, so you can make your next move with confidence.

Beautiful commercial lighting design in this retail outlet.

Commercial lighting design

Our lighting designs for retail, office and industrial spaces are tailored to meet the specific demands of your property.

We understand the impact that a commercial LED lighting design can have on your business.  Our Edinburgh-based lighting design team can create a bespoke lighting solution that illuminates your space and enhances the overall aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency of your business.

We have an understanding of both the technical and creative aspects of lighting design so our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Whether you’re refurbishing an existing space or starting from scratch, we will guide you through every step of the process.  From initial concept to final installation, we’re committed to delivering lighting designs that reflect your brand identity and meet your specific needs, ensuring your business ‘stands out’ and is efficient.

Commercial lighting maintenance and repairs

Located in central Edinburgh, our team of electricians are expert in maintaining and repairing commercial lighting systems.  We understand the importance of reliable, efficient lighting for your business, and we’re here to ensure your lighting is always in working condition.

Maintenance:  Commercial lighting maintenance is crucial for keeping your premises well-lit and safe.  Routine inspections from our skilled team ensures your lighting systems are performing efficiently, helping to reduce energy costs and extend the lifespan of your fixtures.

Repairs:  We know that problems with your business lighting can’t wait, which is why we offer a fast response time in our commercial lighting repair service.  Our electricians are ready to tackle any issues, from simple fixes to more complex repairs, ensuring minimal downtime for your business.

LED specialists:  With the shift towards energy efficiency, commercial LED lighting maintenance is more important than ever.  Our team is well-versed in the latest LED technology, offering solutions that not only save energy but also enhance the quality of light in your commercial space.

Looking for continuous support?  Our facility management and planned maintenance services provide complete care, monthly inspections and repairs to ensure your space remains in the best condition.  Let us take the hassle out of maintenance for you.

Commercial external lighting

The exterior of your business is the first impression customers have, making commercial outdoor lighting a critical component of your property’s appeal and safety.  We are experts in lighting designs that enhance visibility, security, and ambiance.

From car parks, pavements, lampposts, we ensure that your outdoor spaces are well-lit and inviting.

We provide a selection of commercial external lighting solutions including floodlights, wall lights, and LED fixtures.

Our durable external wall lights are engineered to endure the challenging Scottish weather, ensuring they illuminate your property’s exterior.

Commercial exterior lighting installed and repaired.

Office lighting installations in Edinburgh

The right lighting in your office can significantly enhance productivity, well-being, and the overall aesthetic appeal of your workspace.  We carry out office lighting installations, providing energy-efficient lighting solutions tailored to the needs of your office space.

IES offers office lighting design and installations, whether you’re looking to create a focused task lighting setup for workstations, an inviting reception area or ambient lighting for common areas.

We install a range of LED lighting – LEDs are environmentally friendly and also reduce electricity costs significantly, offering a greener and more economical option for your office lighting needs.

Our office lighting installations are designed with human-centric principles, ensuring that your office lighting promotes a healthy and productive work environment that complements your office’s interior design and creates a welcoming atmosphere for both employees and clients.

Our team can handle every step of the process, from initial design consultation to the final installation, ensuring a hassle-free experience.  We also provide ongoing maintenance and support, keeping your office lighting in good condition.

LED office lighting in Edinburgh.

Companies we work with:

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Industrial LED warehouse lighting installation, repair and maintenance.

Warehouse lighting installation in Edinburgh

IES specialise in warehouse lighting installations, offering energy-efficient solutions to meet the needs of your storage or distribution centre.  Our focus on LED technology ensures that your warehouse benefits from reduced energy costs as well as enhanced safety and productivity of your workspace.

We provide lighting designs that improve visibility, reduce shadows and glare, and are adaptable to the varied functions within a warehouse environment.  This includes brightening the picking process, ensuring safety in loading areas and creating a more comfortable working environment.

Our electricians are fully trained to work at height using scaffolding, mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and mobile towers to safely access even the most difficult-to-reach areas.  This practical approach ensures that we can efficiently handle a wide range of projects from intricate commercial installations to large warehouse lighting upgrades.

With a focus on safety our team is equipped to provide reliable and effective electrical solutions, no matter the height or complexity of the task at hand.

Retail lighting installations & repairs in Edinburgh

Our experience working with shops and retail outlets in Edinburgh and around Central Scotland has equipped us with epert knowledge on effective lighting solutions that truly make a difference in showcasing products and enhancing customer experience.

Among the many options we offer, LED track lighting stands out as a particularly effective choice for many retail stores.  This excellently illuminates every corner, eliminating dark spots and brilliantly accentuates the products you wish to highlight, ensuring your merchandise is showcased in the best possible light.

Have you just taken over a retail space and have you checked your fuse board?  Send us a picture and we can give you some free advice or we can replace your fuse board with a new 18th edition consumer unit if required.

Retail lighting installation in shoe shop.

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Got plans of your place? Great, send them our way! We love getting our hands on drawings so we can help you find a lighting design that’s just right for you.


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