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EV Charger installation Edinburgh

Ideal Electrical are a leading installer of EV charging points in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. We are also an authorised repairer for some of the leading charging point manufacturers.

Electric Vehicle charging point installers in Edinburgh.

Is it time to plug you in?

Do you need an Electric Vehicle charger installed for your home or your commercial premises in Edinburgh?

Domestic EV charging points for home owners are normally installed on an exterior wall of your home or garage and are usually fitted in just one day.

For a speedy quote on an EV charger installation, all the necessary information can be found by clicking the ‘Get in Touch’ button above, which will direct you to the relevant section of this page.  This is the fastest way to receive an estimate for your new electric vehicle charger from IES.


EV charging cable plugged into the home EV charger.

Fully trained and accredited electric vehicle charging point installers

As electric vehicle charging point installers, we’re registered with SELECT and approved by OZEV/OLEV/WCS. We’re also part of a government scheme in association with the Energy Saving Trust, ensuring our services are trusted and reliable.

OLEV Installer number: EVHS1904

WCS Installer number: WCS 1904

Our skilled electricians are trained to install EV chargers across Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, catering to both residential and commercial requirements.  We make the process of installing an EV charger straightforward and efficient.

We install a wide selection of EV charger brands and models, each installation is different and will quote to your exact requirements, whether for your home or business fleet.  For a more in-depth look at some leading EV chargers, please see our reviews of the Ohme Home Pro charger and the BG Sync EV Charger .

Domestic and commercial EV chargers serve different purposes and environments, and vary in several key aspects:

1. Usage purpose:

Domestic EV chargers: These are designed for home use, where the charging demand is typically for one or two vehicles. The user usually charges their vehicle overnight.

Commercial EV chargers: Installed in public areas, workplaces, or fleet bases, commercial EV chargers are meant to serve multiple vehicles, including those owned by employees, customers, or the public.

2. Charging speed:

Domestic EV chargers: Typically, domestic chargers are slower, often ranging from 3kW to 7kW. They’re ideal for overnight charging, where a full charge can be achieved in several hours.

Commercial EV chargers: Commercial chargers offer faster charging speeds, ranging from 7kW to 22kW for Level 2 chargers, or even higher for DC fast chargers. This ensures quicker turnover and the ability to serve more vehicles throughout the day.

3. Cost:

Domestic EV chargers: Generally, more affordable and come with possible government grants or incentives for home installation.

Commercial EV chargers: More expensive due to increased complexity, higher power output, and additional features like payment systems.

4. Features and functionality:

Domestic EV chargers: Often include basic features like scheduled charging and might be connected to a smartphone app for monitoring and control.

Commercial EV chargers: Offer advanced functionalities like real-time availability, payment processing, fleet management integration, and analytics for usage tracking.

5. Installation and maintenance:

Domestic EV chargers: Installation is relatively straightforward, usually requiring a certified electrician to set up in a garage or driveway.

Commercial EV chargers: Require more complex installation and ongoing maintenance. Considerations include compliance with local regulations, accessibility, and coordinating with utility providers.


While both domestic and commercial EV chargers serve the same fundamental purpose of charging electric vehicles, the distinctions in their design, functionality, and utilisation cater to the specific needs of home users versus commercial enterprises or public accessibility.

Understanding these differences is crucial when selecting the appropriate EV charger for any given situation, whether it’s for private home use or broader commercial application.

Front view of the SyncEV Wall Charger type 2 with 7.4kW capacity.
Ohme Home Pro EV charger (Type 2 with 7.4kW capacity) installed on wall.

Why choose Ideal Electrical Solutions as your EV charging point installer?

Expertise: Our electricians are specifically trained in EV charger installations, ensuring quality and safety at every step. Our office team will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Tailor-made solutions: Offering a wide range of brands, we provide customised EV charging solutions that suit individual needs and preferences.

Accreditations and trust: Being SELECT registered, OLEV/OZEV approved, and affiliated to the Energy Saving Trust, we adhere to the highest industry standards and regulations.

Award-winning service: Recognised for our dedication and quality our team will be here every step of the way.

Contact us today and let’s charge your Electric Vehicles!

Thank you for your interest in our EV charger installation services.  To provide you with an accurate quote without the need for an initial onsite visit, we require some specific information, images, and a short video.  This will help us understand the scope of the installation and any initial work that might be necessary.

Before proceeding, we highly recommend that an electrical installation condition report (EICR) be carried out. This inspection will identify any existing faults and verify that your property has a suitable earth connection. This step is crucial for ensuring your safety and compliance with regulations.  During the EICR, we can also quote for any remedial works needed to bring your electrical installations up to standard.

Images and videos of your installation area:

  1. Please send us a close-up photograph of your fuse board so we can identify the brand of your consumer unit and if it has surge protection and spare ways to install the new EV charger supply.  Please ensure that the photo of your fuse board clearly shows circuit breakers, RCDs and main switches.
  2. Include a second photo showing the area surrounding the fuse board to give us a clear view of your installation.
  3. We also need a photograph of the proposed location on your exterior wall where you would like the EV charger installed.
  4. Lastly, a video showing the potential route for the cabling from the fuse board to the EV charger location. You can send photos of the route if preferred.  This can be easily recorded on your phone and sent to us via email, contact form,  or on WhatsApp via this link 0131 258 2750.

Additional information:

If you have any preferred brands or types of EV chargers, please include this information with your photos.

By providing this information we can provide you with an accurate quote, reccomendations and next steps.

Thank you for considering us for your EV charging installation.


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