Ohme’s latest addition to the electric vehicle (EV) charging market is the Home Pro EV charger, a compact and discreet unit designed to make home charging simple and efficient.

One of the standout features of this charger is its interactive LCD screen, which displays live charging data and allows drivers to manage their charging directly from the device.

This review delves into the specifications, features, and benefits of the Ohme Home Pro, highlighting why it’s a great choice for Edinburgh drivers looking to optimise their home EV charging.

Specification at a glance:

Whilst we will go into more detail further into later in this review, the main specifications of the Ohme Home Pro devices are as follows.

Voltage 230 V AC
Frequency50 Hz
Max Current, Power Output32 A, 7.4 kW
Operating Temperature-25 ⁰C to 50 ⁰C
Storage Temperature-40 ⁰C to 85 ⁰C
Cable length (output to vehicle)Cable not provided (untethered)
Cable length (input, supply)Charger comes pre-wired with a 1m flex
Residual current functionType A 30 mA,  DC 6 mA
PEN fault detectionConforms to 722.411.4.1 (iv) of, BS7671 18th edition
Overcurrent protectionNone
Ingress protectionIP54
Communications2G/3G/4G GSM data
Shipping weight1.8 kg


Overall score table for the review of the Ohme Home Pro EV charger.
The Ohme Home Pro type 2 7.4kW EV charger straight out of the box.

Overview of the Ohme Home Pro EV charger

The Ohme Home Pro charger comes with a backplate included, simplifying the installation process.  Its in-built PEN fault detection device and dynamic load management capabilities eliminate the need for external devices or complex setups, saving both time and resources.

The charger is approved under the OZEV Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), ensuring it meets the high standards required for safety and efficiency.

The box includes a load balancing clamp, wagos, and a lightning junction box, which helps ensure a straightforward installation.

With dimensions of 170mm x 200mm x 100mm and weighing just 4kg, the Ohme Home Pro is among the most compact chargers available.

It supports a power output of 7.4kW with a maximum current of 32A, suitable for single-phase electricity supply and primarily designed for domestic settings.

The charger’s protection features include RCD Type A with 6 mA DC leakage detection, although overcurrent protection requires separate installation.  It operates within a temperature range of -25 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius, ensuring reliability under varied environmental conditions.

You can access the Ohme Home Pro product manual here.

Features and benefits of the EV charging experience

The Ohme Home Pro charger is equipped with several innovative features aimed at enhancing the user experience.  Its interactive LCD screen displays real-time charging data and allows users to schedule charging sessions, set a target battery percentage, and even add a price cap per kWh directly on the charger or via the Ohme app.

The tethered cable ensures easy and secure connection to the vehicle, while over-the-air firmware updates keep the unit’s software current without manual intervention.

Perhaps most compelling is Ohme’s promise of significant savings.  UK drivers could save £275-£350 annually compared to standard smart chargers, with some customers even earning money back for charging during optimal times.

This is facilitated through energy tariff and vehicle integration, allowing for smart charging when electricity prices are lowest or even negative.


Intelligent charging with the Ohme App

Convenient Charging Control:  Manage your charging sessions effortlessly on your mobile phone with the Ohme app.  Initiate, halt, and schedule your EV’s charging times to align with your lifestyle and energy tariff, helping you power your vehicle cost-effectively.

Seamless Energy Tariff Integration: It’s easy to link the Ohme charger with your electricity tariff.  The system then intelligently schedules your charging for off-peak periods, optimising for lower costs.

Energy Usage Monitoring: Stay informed about your charging expenses and track every kilowatt-hour consumed.  The Ohme app provides valuable insights into your home’s energy use, helping you make informed decisions about your EV charging habits.

Environmental impact & cost savings

By integrating with energy tariffs and providing the ability to charge efficiently, Ohme is positioning the Home Pro charger as a solution to benefit the user’s wallet and the planet.

Ohme supports the use of greener energy sources, reducing CO2 emissions and promoting sustainable charging habits.

Ohme’s cutting-edge smart EV charging technology helps you with:

Optimised dynamic charging:  Innovative approach harnesses live data, enabling their chargers to begin and end charging in sync with periods of low energy demand, ensuring lower costs.  This method optimises your charging sessions efficiently, contributing to grid stability.

Universal energy tariff compatibility:  Unique among EV charging solutions, which seamlessly integrate with every energy tariff on the market, including Intelligent Octopus and OVO charge anytime.  Ohme intelligently identifies the most economical and eco-friendly charging times, saving you the hassle.

Embracing the future of charging: stay at the forefront of technology with over-the-air updates that effortlessly bring the latest features to your charger via the Ohme cloud.  This ensures your charging setup remains advanced without any extra effort on your part.

Improved dynamic charging experience:  While standard charging operates on a basic schedule, charging your vehicle until the set goal is achieved at a uniform energy cost, Ohme’s dynamic charging is a game-changer.  It utilises live grid data to adjust charging times to when electricity is less in demand and cheaper, ensuring your charging objectives are met efficiently and economically.

Mobile app for Ohme Home Pro 2 7.4kW EV charger is available on Apple & Andriod.

Compliance and Compatibility

The charger is fully compliant with the latest UK and EU standards, including BS EN IEC 61851-1:2019, and comes with UKCA marking.  It is compatible with all electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles that use a Type 2 IEC62196 connector.

The inclusion of a 2G/3G/4G multinet SIM card, with the cost covered by Ohme for the first three years, ensures uninterrupted connectivity and access to smart features.


Summary – What do our team think about the Ohme Home Pro charger?

Ideal Electrical Solutions is delighted to endorse the Ohme Home Pro Electric Vehicle Charger, a standout addition to our selection of preferred chargers.

If you’ve made your mind up and would like to install an Ohme Home Pro at your home – pop over to our EV charger installation page, fill in the enquiry form and we’ll provide a quotation.  Or, give us a call on 0131 258 2750.

Back to our review!  Our team of electricians have reported a fairly seamless installation process and praise the high-quality materials and the additional components provided, which aided the installation process.

The charger’s sleek, modern design complements its functionality and we feel it will leave an impression on visitors to your home.

Our customers agree, expressing their satisfaction with the EV charger installation and the charger’s advanced features.

The Ohme Home Pro EV charger is a nice step forward in home charging technology and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Its compact design, ease of installation, and advanced features make it a good option for EV drivers in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

With the potential for substantial cost savings and a lower environmental impact, the Ohme Home Pro charger looks like a smart investment too.


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And finally, please feel free to leave a reply below and let us know your recommended EV charger or perhaps even ask us an EV question.


Ohme Home Pro 2 7.4kW EV charger fitted on wall.