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Edinburgh’s leading home rewiring electricians for over 15 years, IES are a great choice for homeowners, landlords, and commercial property owners in Edinburgh looking for either partial or full property rewiring.

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Do you need a rewire?

The truth is that you might not need an expensive full rewire – you might only need to do a partial rewire,  upgrade your fuseboard or tidy up a few parts of your electrics.

That’s why we always suggest you consider conducting an EICR test as that will help you get to the bottom of what does, and doesn’t, need to be done electrically. This could save you thousands of pounds (that’ll be why some other electricians will provide a simple free quote for a full rewire!)

Why do you need your home rewired in Edinburgh?

Rewiring a home is a significant task, and understanding why it might be necessary is vital for homeowners. Here are some common reasons why a home may need to be rewired:

Electrician fitting new plug points during a rewire at an Airbnb short-term let.

Age of Wiring:

Older homes with wiring that is over 25-30 years old may require rewiring. Older wiring may not comply with current electrical regulations and can become a safety hazard, leading to potential electrical fires.

Signs of Wear and Damage:

Frayed or damaged wiring, frequent blown fuses, or circuit breakers that trip regularly are strong indicators that the home’s electrical system needs attention. Rewiring replaces worn-out components with new, safe, and reliable ones.

Insufficient Power:

Modern homes are filled with electronic devices that demand more power than older electrical systems can provide. If you experience regular power overloads or your system struggles to support your electrical needs, rewiring can update your home’s electrical capacity.

Adding or Renovating Spaces:

If you’re adding a new room, renovating, or making significant changes to your living space, rewiring might be necessary to meet the new layout’s demands. This ensures that power is delivered efficiently to where it’s needed.

Compliance with Safety Regulations:

Electrical regulations and standards evolve over time, reflecting advances in safety and technology. Rewiring helps to ensure that your home complies with current regulations, keeping you and your family safe.

Faulty or Outdated Fixtures:

If you have outlets that don’t work or old-fashioned two-pronged outlets (less common in Edinburgh nowadays), a rewire can replace these with modern, grounded outlets that are more versatile and safer.

Smart Home Integration:

Modern homes often feature smart technologies, such as automated lighting, heating, or security systems. Rewiring can enable these technologies by providing the necessary infrastructure.

Resale Value and Home Inspection:

If you plan to sell your home, outdated or unsafe wiring can be a significant detractor to potential buyers. A professionally rewired home can increase the property’s value and appeal.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing that your home’s electrical system is safe, up-to-date, and able to handle your daily needs can provide significant peace of mind. A professional rewire assures you that everything is in proper working order.

Partial Rewire or Full Rewire?

Perhaps a full rewire will not be required in your property, check out below to see why.

What is a partial rewire?

Sometimes, your property might only require rewiring of certain circuits, which can lead to significant cost savings in your rewiring budget.  Historically, it was usual practice to rewire only the socket circuits while leaving the lighting circuits unchanged (this means that different parts of your house wiring could be different ages with some parts 20 years old and other parts much older which will need to be rewired). Carrying out an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) can help assess whether a full rewire of your home is necessary.

What circuits need to be rewired?

Typically the circuits in your home or rental property that most often require rewiring include shower circuit, lighting circuits, cooker circuit and radial circuits connected to immersion heater or electric heating.  Generally the reason for this is the appliances have been upgraded which has increased their power demand and higher wattage.  Consequently this means you will need to install larger cables to accommodate the increased load.


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Why Choose Us for Your Rewire?

1. Experience and Expertise: Our 15 years of service and SELECT registration means that our experienced team has you covered.

2. Residential & Commercial Rewiring: Our offerings aren’t limited to residential properties. We also cater to landlords overseeing multiple properties and commercial spaces that need to conform to the latest electrical regulations.

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