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EICR Tests (Electrical Installation Condition Report) in Edinburgh

Keep your Edinburgh property legally compliant and ensure it is safe for you and your tenants by conducting mandatory EICR tests.

Undertaking EICR Tests (Electrical Installation Condition Report) in Edinburgh.

What is an EICR?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a complete inspection and test of your property’s electrical system to ensure it complies with the national safety standard.  EICR testing will reveal if any of your electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded and are therefore unsafe to use.

The EICR report will:

  • Uncover any potential electric shock risks or fire hazards, identify any defective electrical work and also highlight any lack of earthing or bonding conductors.
  • Ensure your main gas supply and main water supply are earthed and connected into your consumer unit (fuse board).
  • Provide a timescale of urgency on which remedial action should be taken.

Once you have an EICR report you can budget for any remedial work or additional investigation that might be required.

These EICR reports can also be very useful:

  1. When purchasing a property – buyers are assessing the property condition (including the electrical system) when deciding on purchasing a property.  Tests are carried out on wiring and fixed electrical equipment to check that it is safe.  A schedule of circuits will also be provided, which is invaluable for a property.
  2. When renovating your property – performing an EICR is recommended when you are undertaking a renovation to ensure your electrical system can handle the extra load created by your new extension or attic conversion.

Note: EICR was formerly known as a “periodic inspection report” (PIR).

IES electrician undertaking EICR Tests in a home in Edinburgh.

EICR checks and certificates for Landlords and Commercial Property in Edinburgh

EICR certificates are compulsory for landlords and business owners in Edinburgh to provide adequate safety for staff and tenants.

EICR for Landlords

Landlords must always have a valid EICR and provide a new EICR to new tenants before their tenancy starts.  For long-standing tenants a landlord should provide a new EICR at least every 5 years.

How long is a landlord EICR valid for?

As a landlord you might be wondering “how long does an EICR last?”  It’s a good question and the answer is it depends!  As we said above, landlords must always have a valid EICR and have EICR testing conducted a minimum of every 5 years.  For HMO properties this timescale can vary and your fixed electrical system could be tested every 3 years or at change of tenancy.  Depending on the condition of your property having an EICR carried out at the end of each tenancy may be a good option to keep you compliant and your tenants safe.

EICR for commercial property

IES also carry out commercial EICR checks for all types of commercial properties around the Edinburgh and Lothian areas to ensure the safety for employees and any other persons within the building.

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If you have read enough and are looking to book an EICR test as soon as possible, please click the link below and fill out our enquiry form to receive a quote.  Please upload a picture of your current EICR certificate as this helps us us provide you with an accurate quote.  Failing that if you can send a picture of your fuse board and let us know the number of rooms/bedrooms you have we can issue you a quote.

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Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Who can carry out an EICR?

EICRs must be performed by qualified electricians that are registered with SELECT or are NICEIC electrical contractors.  At Ideal Electrical we provide electrical testing for many landlords, letting agents and homeowners throughout the Edinburgh area.

What is involved in an EICR Test?

Our full EICR test procedure involves:

IES electrician testing a fuse board (consumer unit) during an EICR test.

EICR Inspection

Our qualified electricians will inspect your property’s electrical system, looking for any wear and tear, faults, or areas of concern.  We will test all circuits leaving your fuse board, test your fuse board/consumer unit, test your main incoming supply to make sure that you have an earth coming into your building for safety and that you meet all current requirements.

EICR Testing

We’ll conduct a series of tests to make sure everything is working as it should be.  We will test all circuits which leave your fuse board and a percentage of outlets to ensure that your property is wired and working in the correct manner.  Any defect identified in this process and will be outlined in the EICR report.

EICR Reporting

You’ll receive a detailed electrical installation condition report outlining our findings and any recommendations for improvements or repairs.

We will issue your report after completion of the test along with a quote for any remedial works required at the same time.  This offers you a quick and simple solution to put anything right that has been highlighted on the EICR.


We won’t leave you in the dark.  If anything needs addressing, we’ll explain it in clear and easy-to-understand terms.

Why Ideal

Why Choose Ideal Electrical to carry out your EICR Tests

Using a Megger multi-function tester during an EICR test.

EICR Experts

As a member of SELECT, our team of fully qualified electricians will ensure that every inspection is carried out to the highest standards.

Fully Insured

We take your peace of mind seriously.  We’re fully insured – if you would like a copy of our insurance, please contact our office on 0131 258 2750 and we will be happy to send you a copy.

Friendly Service

We speak your language.  Our process is straightforward, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have.  From setting you up as a client on our online system to completing the job, our process could not be easier – we will take away all the hassle from organising with tenants and agents, all we need from you is the details.

Electronic EICR Certificates

All EICR test sheets are electronic with a PDF copy sent to you by our office team, usually within 1 hour after the test being carried out.  Quotes and invoices will be sent at the same time to avoid any delays.  We have a qualified electrician who is office-based processing all test sheets and they are available by phone to answer any queries.

Automatic EICR Reminders

We can set up automatic reminders for all your certification, which helps you remember when your next EICR Test is due.  We will automatically send you a quote for your next EICR (or other landlord tests which are due) and wait for your approval to book this in.  We can also add you to our mailing list which in order to outline any new regulatory chnages or new requirements that come up prior to your EICR renewal date.

Ready to Schedule Your EICR in Edinburgh?

Whether you are a seasoned landlord or just starting, an EICR is vital for your property. Ideal Electrical Solutions (UK) Ltd is here to make the process smooth and worry-free.

We strive to provide Edinburgh’s landlords and letting agents with the best service, making us your choice for EICR Testing in Edinburgh.

We are SELECT registered and have great feedback and reviews from many platforms over the internet, why not check us out.


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