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Garden Power and Wiring

As more Edinburgh homeowners look to extend their living spaces outdoors, the demand for reliable and safe garden power has grown.  Are you looking for garden sockets, ambient lighting, power to a hot tub/jacuzzi, or to set up a fully functional garden office?

Garden outdoor sockets and power to hot tubs, garden offices, sheds and garages.

What power supplies can we install in your garden?

Ideal Electrical Solutions provide a range of services for your outdoor, garden and outbuilding spaces – ranging from installing weatherproof and IP rated exterior sockets through to installing radial and mains supplies/circuits for garden offices and summerhouses.

Our goal is to help you make the most of your outdoor areas, providing safe, efficient, and stylish electrical solutions.  Each solution we provide is tailored to withstand the unpredictable Scottish weather, using the right materials and technology to ensure durability and functionality.

See below to discover how Ideal can help you transform your garden.

IP rated exterior power socket installed in garden.

Installing IP rated outdoor plug sockets in your garden

During the warmer months we receive regular requests from Edinburgh homeowners asking us to install outdoor plug sockets in their gardens as they are looking to improve the use and flexibility of their outdoor spaces.

We install IP (which means ‘ingress protection’) rated garden plug sockets that are fully weatherproof, and RCD protected, to ensure safety against electrical faults and shocks.  These garden power sockets are great for powering garden lights, outdoor heaters and lawnmowers.

Our outdoor plug socket installation process involves extending the cabling from an indoor socket near your desired outdoor location.  We start by identifying a suitable indoor socket and then carefully remove the socket and back box.  Next, we drill through to the external wall to fit the new IP-rated RCD socket.  While we aim to place this exactly where you want, the location of the internal socket may impact our options.  If necessary, we can install a socket in a different location using a surface-mounted conduit on the exterior wall.

We will work with you to ensure that the installation runs smoothly with your home’s exterior in order to maintain its visual appeal.

Electrical installation & power supply to Hot Tubs

A 32A radial circuit is essential for powering high-demand units like hot tubs and Jacuzzis.  The electrical requirements for hot tubs will involve a direct connection (radial circuit) from your fuse board, protected by an RCD, to ensure uninterrupted and safe power supply.

When adding power supply to a hot tub, our installation will include a 32A rotary isolator, allowing you to easily disconnect power for routine maintenance or emergencies.  We will ensure that all material meets the latest safety standards and will be robust enough to handle the variable weather conditions of Scotland’s East coast, guaranteeing a reliable and durable installation.

The installation method for your hot tub’s power supply can vary depending on its location.  We may need to bury the steel wire armour in a trench, or alternatively it might be suitable to securely clip it along a fence.  To provide a more accurate assessment of what’s possible, please send us some photos of your garden as this helps us to determine the best approach for your property.

Power supply to garden offices

For those with a garden office or log cabin, we recommend installing a 50A radial circuit.  This can power your heating, lighting and office equipment and will include a dedicated fuse board within the garden office for circuit management.

We can combine armoured cabling with Cat6 data cables to provide high-speed internet access, which is crucial for modern home offices.  This gives you a direct (hard-wired) internet connection, ensuring you achieve full speed internet speed without the typical losses associated with Wi-Fi.  It also allows you to connect other devices in your home, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout.

As well as fitting multiple plug sockets, we can work with you to ensure your home workspace is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting that cuts down on your utility bills and creates a comfortable environment.

When it comes to heating, a panel heater is our go-to recommendation for garden offices.  The size of your space will determine the best heater size to ensure efficient and effective warmth.  Panel heaters are great because they’re energy-efficient and can be mounted on the wall to conserve space.  Good panel heaters come with a built-in thermostat so you can easily adjust the temperature and keep your garden office warm in the colder months.

By integrating these systems thoughtfully, we ensure your garden office is practical, sustainable and comfortable throughout the year.

Electrical power supply installed in garden offices and summer houses.

Electricity to garden sheds, garages & outbuildings

Need to run power to a garden shed or garage in Edinburgh?  This will require power for basic lighting and you may be planning to use high-demand tools and machinery.  Along with ensuring adequate lighting and socket outlets, electrical installations will include circuits designed specifically for any heavier equipment such as power saws, drills, or compressors.

Ideal Electrical Solutions strongly recommend the installation of durable, weather-resistant wiring to withstand the harsher environment typically found in garages & garden sheds.  Safety features, such as RCD protection and clearly marked isolators, are standard and provide peace of mind.

In areas susceptible to mechanical damage, we recommend installing metal-clad sockets, spurs, and switches for durability and prevent damage.  For extra protection against moisture and to ensure longevity, we advise using IP-rated light fittings and linear lights.  These solutions are more robust and are better designed to withstand Scotland’s dampness and harsher winter conditions.

We will install a metal consumer unit at an elevated position to ensure it remains out of harm’s way (e.g. when cars are driven into a garage) and reduces the risk of accidental damage.  Depending on the specific requirements of the space, we might also recommend using trunking or conduits for added protection.

Running electrical power to a garden shed for lighting and plug points.
Electricity to gazebos and outdoor areas.

Power supplies to summer houses, gazebos & covered dining areas

Looking to get power to a summer house or other outdoor area of your garden?

Installing electricity in a summerhouse requires similar planning to a garden office but is usually adapted for more flexible use.  Whether it’s intended for relaxation, exercise, or as an additional living area, the electrics will include wiring durable enough to handle various appliances.  We will recommend installing a small consumer unit (you might know this as a ‘fuse box’) as this allows for easier expansion as your needs evolve over time, providing a more versatile and future-proof electrical solution.

For lighter outdoor usage, you might be considering just adding a few sockets.  However, this approach limits future expansion possibilities, such as adding heating or additional circuits.


Get in touch by calling Ideal Electrical on 0131 258 2750 or by using the contact form below – we will help you find the best solution that ensures safety and meets your likely future requirements.

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