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Garden Lighting Installers in Edinburgh

Ideal are specialist outdoor lighting electricians and carry out outdoor lighting installation and design across Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.  If you’re looking to upgrade your garden with LED lighting, we’re here to help.

Outdoor lighting electricians and garden lighting installers in Edinburgh.

Outdoor Lighting for the Garden

Transform your outdoor spaces with outdoor lighting.

Our garden lighting services are designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind.  From LED garden lights that transform your outdoor areas into beautifully lit spaces, to robust mains-powered garden flood lights that ensure continuous illumination, we cater to every need.

Remote-control garden lights offer convenience and allow you to adjust your garden’s ambience from the comfort of your home.

Our team plans each installation with meticulous care – we have listed some options below which might be perfect for your garden and outdoor area

Garden accent and wall lighting adds a wow factor to your outdoor spaces.

Garden Lighting Edinburgh

Garden lighting can add a real wow factor to your outdoor spaces and seating areas.  Garden wall and fence lighting can complement the architectural elements of your house & garden – adding both elegance and charm to the perimeter of your garden.

Ideal supply and install garden lighting to suit a variety of lighting styles and meet any aesthetic and practical need, including:

Accent garden lighting:

Accent lights are perfect for highlighting specific features such as architectural details, plants, or sculptures within your garden.  Positioned to cast directed light, they enhance the visual appeal and draw attention to the areas you wish to showcase.

Garden wall lighting/ bulkheads:

Attached directly to garden walls or fences, wall lights or sometimes known as ‘sconces’ provide a soft, ambient light that enhances the overall atmosphere of your outdoor spaces.  Available in a range of designs from sleek modern minimalism to richly ornate patterns, our lights can be chosen to match the style of your home, creating a cohesive look.

Recessed garden lighting:

For a modern and unobtrusive look, recessed lights are embedded into the walls or fences.  They are excellent for creating subtle yet effective lighting pathways along the boundaries of your garden, providing safety while maintaining a streamlined aesthetic.

Garden LED strip lighting:

Garden LED strip lights are flexible and energy-efficient lights and are ideal for installing along the tops of fences or under wall caps to provide continuous and even illumination.  They are particularly effective for outlining the geometric shapes of your garden, adding a dramatic flair that comes to life after dark.  LED strip or sometimes known as LED tape can be colour changing and controlled by a mobile app.

Garden pathway lighting:

Positioned alongside the garden path, these lights ensure safe navigation through your garden at night.  They add a decorative touch to pathways while enhancing visibility and security.

The Ideal lighting installation and design service

Our Edinburgh based garden lighting designers will work with you to create a design that matches the aesthetics and functionality you have in mind.  From LED garden lights that transform your outdoor areas into beautifully lit spaces, to robust mains-powered garden flood lights that ensure continuous illumination.

Remote-control garden lights offer the ultimate convenience and allow you to adjust your garden’s ambience from the comfort of your home.  Our team plans each installation with meticulous care, ensuring that your garden lighting exceeds your expectations in terms of both beauty and practicality.

Garden Lighting Maintenance

The longevity and performance of your garden lighting depend on the quality of the initial installation and also on regular maintenance.  To help you enjoy your outdoor spaces year-round, we offer a repair and maintenance service to keep your garden lighting in perfect working order.

Regular inspection and cleaning: Our electricians carry out regular inspections to ensure all fixtures are functioning correctly and safely.  We clean lenses and fixtures to prevent dirt and debris build-up that can diminish brightness and colour accuracy.

Bulb/lamp/LED replacement:  Even the best lamps eventually need replacement.  We use only high-quality, durable LEDs to extend the life of your lighting.  Regular checks help us identify and replace any failing LEDs to maintain consistent lighting quality.

Wiring and connection checks:  Outdoor lighting is exposed to various weather conditions, which can affect wiring and connections.  Our electricians check these components for signs of wear or damage, such as corrosion or loosening, and make necessary repairs or replacements to ensure safety and functionality.  We can also carry out an EICR test at your property to identify any issues with your wiring.

Adjustments for growth:  As your garden matures, plants and trees grow, which might cast new shadows or obstruct previously well-lit areas.  Our team adjusts the positioning and direction of lights as needed to adapt to the changing landscape, ensuring your garden remains illuminated despite natural growth.

Garden lighting maintenance and repairs.

Garden Security Lights

Ensure the safety of your property with garden security lighting.  We provide specialised lighting solutions suited to your home’s security needs.  Our systems are designed to deter potential intruders and to illuminate your outdoor spaces effectively.

Motion-sensor lights are essential for any garden security strategy.  PIR security lights activate automatically when movement is detected, deterring potential intruders, and providing immediate illumination to assess any unexpected activity.  The sudden brightness ensures that no visitor goes unnoticed, making these lights an integral part of your security setup.

For broader coverage, powerful PIR floodlights are great as they illuminate large areas, ensuring there are no dark corners where threats can hide.  When positioned strategically around front and back gardens, and side passages, these lights provide visibility and security around your outdoor space.

Ideal Electrical specialise in outdoor and garden security lighting.
Need a garden lighting installer? Here is some lovely garden path lighting.

Your Local Garden Lighting Installers

Garden safely at night is crucial – garden path lights thoughtfully placed to light up paths and steps will reduce the risk of accidents and also add a lovely aesthetic.

Garden security lights combine continuous illumination with motion sensors.  This dual approach keeps areas well-lit and secure, with sensors adding an extra layer of alertness to any movement in your garden, particularly in secluded areas.

Special attention is given to the more private sections of your property with our back garden security lights.  Tailored to the unique layout of your garden, these lights focus on critical spots, ensuring all hidden areas are well-covered and secure.

Our expert team is skilled in blending aesthetic appeal with functional security features, ensuring that your lighting is effective and also visually appealing.  Whether you’re looking for security lighting or a detailed system that covers every aspect of your garden, IES has the experience to deliver for you.

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Edinburgh based Ideal Electrical are all set to bring your garden lighting project to life.  From the initial lighting design to putting the last light in place, we’ve got it covered.  Got plans?  Great, send them our way!  We love getting our hands on drawings so we can help you find a lighting design that’s just right for you.


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