Ideal Electrical Solutions are thrilled to provide an in-depth review of the Scolmore Click® Elucian consumer unit range.

This range is specifically designed with the professional installer in mind, promising to elevate the standards of convenience, flexibility, and safety in electrical installations and fuse board replacements.

The Elucian range of consumer units distinguishes itself through its innovative design, incorporating features that cater to the modern needs of electricians.

Key aspects include its ease of installation, with units engineered for quick setup and configuration.  This is complemented by a versatile design that enables customisation according to specific project requirements, ensuring that electricians can adapt the units to various environments with ease.

Scolmore Elucian consumer unit achieves 4.6 out of 5.

Manufactured by Scolmore Group: who are Scolmore?

Scolmore Group, established in 1989 in the UK, is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the electrical industry, known for its innovative and high-quality electrical products.  The company’s extensive range includes the popular Click range of wiring accessories, as well as advanced lighting solutions under the OVIA brand, and security and access control products.

Scolmore prides itself on combining functionality with aesthetic appeal in its products, which are designed for ease of installation and compliance with industry standards.  As a family-owned business, Scolmore is committed to excellent customer service, offering support and training to ensure satisfaction. Their focus on innovation, quality, and service has earned them a reputable position and numerous awards in the electrical sector.

Features and benefits of the Scolmore Elucian consumer unit collection

Switch disconnector units with surge protection: The switch-disconnector unit combined with surge-protected offers an additional layer of security against transient overvoltage’s.

This combination not only allows for controlled isolation of the power supply but also protects sensitive electrical equipment from damage caused by surges.

As the consumer unit most frequently installed by IES, installing over 400 units annually, it’s an understatement to say we’ve thoroughly tried and tested this board, this extensive experience makes this product as one of our preferred choices.

Further down in this post, we’ll delve deeper into this product and explain why it’s favoured by our Edinburgh electricians.

Garage consumer units:  Elucian garage consumer units have a robust construction with good functionality.  Tailored for environments like garages or external workshops, these units are designed to endure the challenges of these environments.

Their metal casing not only offers durability but also ensures the safety of the electrical circuits within and ideal for managing the electrical demands of garage tools, lighting, sockets, and EV charger installations.

Switch-disconnector:  These units are compatible with RCBOs/ RCDs or MCBs in various configurations and offer the flexibility to retrofit a surge protection device, enhancing their use.

Split Load: This consumer unit features a split load design that accommodates the installation of two RCD units, with each circuit controlled by MCBs.  However, this setup is now considered obsolete and is expected to be phased out from the selection of boards offered by Elucian.

Split load with surge protection:   This is the same product as the one above with the addition of surge protection, this will also be likely to be discontinued.

Combination consumer unit: Offering a mix of RCD, MCB, and RCBO protections within a single unit, these consumer units cater to a wide array of electrical installation requirements.

Combination with surge protection: These units integrate the varied protection mechanisms of combination units as above with the addition of surge protection.


scolmore elucian surge protection device (SPD).

What is surge protection, and do you need it?

Surge protection in a consumer unit is designed to protect electrical installations and sensitive electronic devices from surge voltages, which are sudden increases in voltage significantly above the normal level.

These surges can be caused by various external factors such as lightning strikes, power outages, or switching operations in the electrical grid.  They can also originate from within a home or building, for instance, when large appliances like air conditioners or refrigerators switch on and off.

A surge protection device (SPD) within a consumer unit acts as a safeguard, detecting excess voltage and diverting the surge energy to the earth, thereby preventing it from traveling through the electrical circuitry.  This process happens in a matter of microseconds, effectively shielding connected appliances and devices from voltage spikes that could cause damage, degradation, or even fires.

The primary function of surge protection is to extend the lifespan of electrical devices, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance safety by minimising the risk of electrical fires.  In areas prone to lightning or where the electrical supply is unstable, surge protection is especially critical in preventing costly and potentially dangerous electrical incidents.

Summary – What do IES think about the Scolmore Elucian range of consumer units?

Ideal Electrical Solutions is happy to recommend the Elucian range by Click® to our clients.  The range exceeds the current standards for electrical safety and functionality.

The Elucian range, with its durable construction and flexibility to incorporate SPDs, RCBOs, MCBs, or AFDDs onto a single board, fits well with most of our electrical installations.

We really like the knockouts ranging from 20-40mm as that helps us efficiently fit a variety of cable and gland sizes.

It offers many consumer unit configurations, with multiple options (from 22 down to 5 ways), ensuring a good fit for any requirement.

The range includes time-delayed RCDs (63A, 80A, 100A-100mA) and modular contactors (20A, 25A, 40A, 63A), enhancing protection and control.

Meter tail clamps come standard, along with backed-off terminal screws for a quicker installation.  Aesthetics and integration are addressed with a recessed bracket for flush mounting and an available pattress mount for seamless trunking integration.

Security isn’t overlooked, with locks available for additional safety.  Notably, the range meets the rigorous compliance of over 100 BSI standards, showcasing its commitment to quality and safety.

The installation-friendly aspects, including solid blank plates, compact RCBOs, and an internal torque rating label, make it a favoured option for our Edinburgh electricians, streamlining the installation process from start to finish.

In summary – whether for residential, commercial, or specialised settings like garages, the Scolmore Elucian range offers solutions that enhance both the convenience and security of electrical systems.

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Fully wired Scolmore Click Elucian consumer unit with RCBO and SPD.