Great News for Our Community – we are beyond excited to share a significant community project with you all.

In 2023, IES embarked on an important mission: installing several life-saving defibrillators across the city. Now, it’s time to bring this initiative closer to home by installing one outside our own office in the Meadowbank area of town (4-5 Parsons Green Terrace, EH8 7AN).

Why are we doing this?

Sudden cardiac arrests can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone.  Having a defibrillator nearby increases the chances of survival significantly.

We realised that by installing one at our accessible office location, we can provide a crucial lifeline to our local community.

This vital life-saving equipment, made possible through our own investment, has been approved by St John Scotland Community Defibrillators.

It is installed on the exterior wall of our office, ensuring round-the-clock accessibility for everyone in our community.

This new ‘iPad SPR Semi Auto AED’ defibrillator is available 24/7, ready to assist in any cardiac emergency.  In case of an emergency all you need to do is call 999 or 112 and tell the emergency call handler the code displayed on the front of the defibrillator.

This initiative is our way of saying thanks to our local community here in Meadowbank.  We believe in making a difference and are proud to bring this essential service to our community.  Let’s continue to support each other and ensure a safer environment for everyone!

Installing our defibrillator.

We’ve documented the installation process in a small video.  Chris, our Operations Manager (and expert electrician of course!), had the privilege of leading this installation.  His expertise made the process appear effortless, a testament to the skill and dedication inherent in our team.

The defibrillator kit: The kit actually makes the installation process quite simple.  It comes with a wall mounting kit and a clear diagram, which gives exact drilling points for fixings and cable entry, ensuring a flawless setup.  The cabinets are fitted 90cm level from the ground for accessibility and usability.

The wiring: We needed to get the cable and sleeve into our office and to do this we used a long SDS drill bit, connecting it to a red unswitched fused spur (this indicating that this supply cannot be switched off) and the electrical supply taken direct from our consumer unit.  This connection guarantees uninterrupted power to the unit, ensuring that there is a constant power supply.

Defibrillator Training for IES

To further this mission, we are also organising CPR and defibrillator training sessions for all our staff.  The training will be conducted by certified professionals from St Johns Scotland, this will empower everyone with the knowledge and skills to effectively use the AED and perform life saving procedures in critical situations.

Stay tuned for updates and more videos on our training with St Johns Scotland.

Join us in this life saving mission

We encourage other businesses and individuals in Edinburgh to consider installing defibrillators at their premises.  Let’s work together to make our city safer for everyone.