We believe in the power of community and the strength of partnerships.  Our latest project with Steps to Hope SCIO, a dedicated non-profit charity committed to helping the homeless and individuals struggling with addiction, stands testament to this belief.

Steps to Hope – Project Hope House, Broxburn

Steps to Hope has embarked on an ambitious journey to create and transform this unique space for individuals across the UK seeking to achieve complete sobriety.  The charity has acquired a property, aptly named “Hope House”, designed to be a sanctuary for recovery and rebuilding lives.  This project is more than just a building; it’s a commitment to hope and healing.

However, transforming this vision into reality requires more than just goodwill; it requires compliance, including obtaining an HMO license.  This is where Ideal Electrical Solutions steps in.

Front view of the Hope House (Steps to Hope refurbishment in Broxburn).

IES providing landlord safety checks, fuse board installations and emergency lighting for HMO compliance

Our team has been instrumental in ensuring that Hope House meets all necessary safety standards required for HMO compliance.  We’ve carried out electrical testing, including EICR testing, PAT testing and emergency light testing.  Our dedication to this cause went beyond the inspections.  We took on the task of carrying out compulsory remedial work, ensuring everything was up to the standards required for HMO licensing, and we did this completely free of charge as our commitment to Richard Ronchero (Founder) and Steps to Hope.

The installation of a new emergency lighting system, new fuse boards/consumer units, surge protection and various electrical repairs/ installations were part of our support.  Our goal was to ensure that Hope House is not just compliant, but also a safe, welcoming environment for its residents who lay their heads there.

Project Hope House has been significantly empowered by the extraordinary support and collaboration from Artech Lighting.  This partnership has exemplified commitment that transcends the ordinary, with Artech Lighting providing emergency lighting solutions that embody their renowned ethos of design, efficiency, and innovation.  Specialising in both indoor and outdoor lighting, Artech Lighting’s team of designers has been instrumental in delivering energy-efficient, cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the unique needs.

Equally, our collaboration with Holland House Electrical Supplies has been great.  With a deep understanding of the importance of our mission, Holland House Electrical Supplies contributed consumer units and cabling essential for the Hope House upgrade.

These significant donations have been crucial in facilitating our remedial efforts, showcasing the strength of community engagement in bringing our vision to life.  Thanks to these materials, we have successfully enhanced the safety and functionality of Hope House’s electrical systems, ensuring a secure and dependable setting for its guests.

These partnerships stand as a powerful testament to the impact of communal effort and collaboration in providing meaningful support to those in need.  Together, we are making a difference towards a brighter future for Hope House and its future residents.

A partnership built on compassion and commitment

Our relationship with Steps to Hope is not new.  It’s a bond forged through various collaborations and a shared vision of making a tangible difference in the community.  Our journey together began years ago with a simple yet impactful gesture – Ian Davidson, a key member of our team, providing free hot drinks from a local coffee shop to those living on the streets.  His dedication, often meeting Richard from Steps to Hope as early as 5 AM, to distribute hot food and drinks to the homeless stared our commitment to Steps to Hope.

This first step opened the door to broader collaborations, leading to major projects with Balfour Beatty, a highly valued and longstanding client of IES.  In a further show of support for the Steps to Hope initiative, Ray Duffy, the Regional Operations Manager at Balfour Beatty, embraced the “Climb to Hope” challenge.  His endeavour included climbing the 3,255 ft Cuillins Rocky Range and then abseiling into Bastier Nick cave, where he spent a night.

Additionally, the collaboration has now extended to supporting the Hope House initiative.


Richards Story – founder of Steps to Hope

Richard Roncero is Founder of Steps to Hope, a charity he established in April 2018 after turning his life around, which had been wrecked by cocaine and alcohol addiction.

He was kicked out of school when he was 15, which led to an early life of criminality that included jail time, now he has completed turned his life around and leading the charge in Steps to Hope.

A message from Richard:

“We are so grateful to Ideal Electrical Solutions for all the support they have shown us with our new property. Thanks to the amazing support from them we are another step closer to achieving our dream and welcoming 10 people into our residential recovery program.”

Richard Roncero, Steps To Hope Founder.


Richard Roncero sleeping rough to raise funds for Steps to Hope.

The Sleep Rough Campaign – 8 weeks in 8 different cities

On December 5, 2023, Richard embarked on an eight-week journey to experience life on the streets firsthand.  Armed with only a sleeping bag, he spent his nights directly on concrete, moving from city to city each week, covering a total of eight cities.

He relied entirely on the generosity of strangers, as he needed the daily donations to afford food.  This endeavour is more than a personal challenge; it’s a mission to shine a light on the often-overlooked issue of homelessness, to highlight the importance of support services for those without homes, and to gather funds aimed at assisting individuals in transitioning to a more stable and secure lifestyle.

Richard smashed his target and raised over £218,000 from over 9,000 supporters which is truly an amazing achievement – you can still donate at the Justgiving link below or find out more about Steps to Hope at their website.

sleeprough campaign Justgiving page

Charity Registration No. SC048273


Looking Ahead: A future filled with hope

IES continues to support Steps to Hope, we see Hope House as a new start for anyone who lives there, it’s not just about compliance and safety, it’s about empowering lives.

We’re proud to be a part of this transformation journey and look forward to continuing our support for such vital community initiatives.

Feel free to leave some comments below, we would love to hear your thoughts.