Burning smell reported from consumer unit

We received a call from a client regarding a rather peculiar smell from a consumer unit and that it was tripping intermittently. Burning smells are never a good sign and can be very dangerous so our team acted quickly to book in an appointment for this. They confirmed with the client the best suitable time slot and assigned a repair engineer to look at the possibility of fuse board replacement.

Our engineer arrived on site and clarified what the issue was, he then isolated the consumer unit safely and removed the cover to inspect the damage to the consumer unit. What he found was beyond a repair, the consumer unit buzz bar had completely melted, it was a very big fire risk, the engineer then sent the photos to our senior electrician and called him to make him aware of the situation on site.

Our senior electrician then spoke to the client and explained that the normal procedure for this would be to shut down and lock off the supply until the consumer unit could be replaced. Our engineer was scheduled in to carry out a repair and did not have the allocated time for a fuse board replacement at the visit. However Raymond kindly agreed to the fuse board replacement and worked on late to complete the rest of his tasks for the working day. This was great because it meant that the client wasn’t having to take time from their busy schedule to arrange another appointment, and of course more importantly the property would be safe and fit for continued use.

Fuse board replacement carried out

We fitted a Metal 6-way split load RCD consumer unit as per the guidelines in the BS 7671 Standards and for fire ratings, this provided all the circuits with additional protection by means of an RCD ensuring safety. Once we completed the fuse board installation we tested all the circuits for suitability and ensured that they were all supplied from the correct sized overcurrent protective device and that they all tripped the protecting RCD within the times allowed in the BS 7671 Standards.

Overall the client was delighted, his installation was safe for continued use. Most importantly this avoided a potential disaster from happening at the property.

If you are concerned about any burning smells near any electrical points of consumer units contact us immediately for help.