The festive season is here, and at Ideal Electrical Solutions we’re as excited as you are about decking the halls!  Our team of trusted electricians want to ensure your holiday decorations bring nothing but joy.  So, let’s look at some electrical safety tips to keep your Christmas merry, bright, and safe.

Safety Tips for Christmas Decorations & Lights

Twinkling lights is a good starting point.

Always check your lights for any damage and make sure they work before putting them up, sometimes wires can be frayed or come loose from their plug tops – just a little look can prevent many problems.

Avoid overloading your electrical sockets, don’t use extension leads when plugging in multiple sets of lights or decorations (most extension leads can cope with 13 amps so can be easily overloaded).  Where possible use only the sockets you have installed in your home, this will reduce a large part of the risks.

Top Tips – if you don’t have a modern fuse board / consumer unit, consider buying some RCD plugs like the ones below in the image, you can buy these from your local ironmonger or from Amazon – they are fairly cheap and the added safety is invaluable.  If you don’t have a modern fuse board, send us a picture or your existing board and we can send you a quote for a new one in the new year.

Use RCD plugs for an added layer of electrical safety at Christmas

Outdoor Christmas Lights

If you are installing lights outside, you should only use IP rated lights for exterior use.  When plugging these lights in make sure that the wire comes into your home to plug into a socket or if plugging them in outside, please make sure that the socket you are using is an IP rated RCD outdoor socket – if you don’t have one of these call us and we can try to squeeze you in before the holidays.

Extension Cord Safety

If you plan to use extension leads to plug in lighting or decorations, please remember to completely unwind them.  If cabling is left coiled up this will cause a coil of heat with the result of melting and not only will the extension lead be ready for the bin, but it will be a fire hazard.  When using extension leads, please make sure that they are not over pathways where people can potentially trip up.

Ladder Safety

Not directly electrical safety, but worth mentioning – if you plan to install lights at height, please make sure you don’t do this yourself as the ground could be wet or icy and the ladder may slip, make sure there is at least 2 of your doing this job.  Statistics indicate that approximately 48,000 individuals in the UK visit hospital accident and emergency each year due to accidents involving ladders at home.

More Fire Safety Tips

  • And did you know?  Switching to LED lights can not only reduce the risk of overheating but also save on your energy bills!  Old style halogen lights can heat up quickly and if they become faulty having them wrapped around your Christmas tree could see the tree going up in flames.
  • When placing your decorations, keep them away from heat sources and open flames.  If you have curious little ones or pets, ensure that all electrical decorations are out of reach.  It’s all about creating a safe, festive environment for everyone.
  • If you’re opting for a real Christmas tree, keep it hydrated and away from heat sources to prevent any fire hazards.  Alternatively, artificial trees are a great option, especially the fire-resistant, offering both safety and convenience.
  • Embrace technology this Christmas!  Smart plugs and timers aren’t just convenient; they’re also a safer way to manage your holiday lighting.  You can control your lights with a tap on your smartphone – talk about having a bright and smart Christmas!
  • In case of any electrical mishaps, it’s crucial to know how to react.  Turn off your power supply and call a professional immediately.  Remember, the team at Ideal Electrical Solutions is always here to help, ensuring your holidays remain safe and enjoyable.

Test your Smoke Alarms

You should by now have had interlinked smoke alarms installed in your property, this was part of the Legislation that the Scottish Government brought in.  Please test your alarms and make sure that they are all interlinked and sounding as they should, this is vital and ever more so at this time of year with candles, lights and decorations all providing that christmassy feel.  If you don’t have smoke alarms fitted, we can fit them for you as priority before we break up for the Christmas holidays.

Have a great time, be safe and we hope Santa is good to you all!

As we count down to the big day, let’s make sure our festive preparations include a little consideration for electrical safety.  From all at Ideal Electrical Solutions to, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes and look forward to working with you all next year.

Message from Lisa and the IES team:

“Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the team at Ideal Electrical, have a lovely break and we will catch you all in the New Year.”

Do you have any concerns about your holiday electrical setup? Need a professional electrical safety check (called an EICR)?  Contact Ideal Electrical Solutions today, and let’s ensure your Christmas is merry and safe!